Leadership for the Future


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

~ Alan Kay


The disruptive world we live in, powered by the explosion of exponentially growing technologies leaves us often gasping for air as the pace of change escapes our ability to comprehend it. AI, Robotics, 3D printing, sharing and gig economies, exponential organisations, nanotech, biotech, quantum computing, bitcoin, blockchain and fin tech - just to name a few. Reshaping industries, business, politics, governments, civil society and entrepreneurship as we know it.

Leadership is a combination of character and results that change the status quo for the better. As modern technology gallops ahead, it affects every aspect of our civilization and increases the complexity leaders today need to face. It is becoming clear that all the previous paradigms of leadership are inadequate to the world we find ourselves in today.

To fully harvest the opportunities that lie ahead, we need to combine technology with the right leadership to steer us towards the desired future and away from unwanted dangers. In the midst of seeming chaos and turbulence a new leadership is emerging, able to cut through complexity, builds succesful organizations and create abundance for all involved.

Join me on the quest to build Leadership for the Future.


Jaroslav Dokoupil

Jaroslav is a consultant, entrepreneur, coach and trainer working at the intersection of leadership, innovation, technology and sustainability.

He has 15 years of global experience having worked with clients in over 30 countries. During his career, he has designed and delivered close to 10,000 hours of programmes, sessions, workshops and interventions to corporate, entrepreneurial, public and NGO clients.

Jaroslav has co-founded and manages RQ Genesis, an innovative consultancy helping leaders to create sustainable value, worked with Future Considerations, a boutique leadership development consultancy for over 10 years, has been involved in a suite of cultural change programmes for a large global financial institution touching  200,000 people worldwide and most recently, has been a Chief Learning Officer of OpenExO, a global ecosystem for disruptive innovation and transformation services.

Jaroslav has lived and worked in UK, US, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and the Czech Republic and travelled to 51 countries.

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"Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching."

~ George Van Valkenburg

I have worked with Jaroslav since 2013, mostly as a workshop facilitator on a global culture change program. Jaroslav is a very skilled facilitator. He is authentic, fiercely honest and willing to tackle the elephant in the room when necessary. What I admire most about Jaroslav is his belief in and care for others. Jaroslav invests himself, his time and his energy in bringing the best out of the people he works with. I have very much enjoyed working with Jaroslav and am happy to recommend him whole-heartedly.
— Jason Moore, Former Client
Leadership , sustainable value creation, meaning and impact - those are my first associations with Jaroslav. His excellent people-minded coaching approach and change management skills had a transforming impact over my leadership style and were a safe harbour in moments of uncertainty and challenges.
— Emil Ivanov, Former Client
From our very first conversation Jaroslav has been an inspiring soundboard, creatively facilitating a journey and guiding me towards understanding my purpose and how to turn it into concrete action. I have experienced his vision, his open-minded listening and ultimately seen his wisdom and integrity in action.
— Lorenn Ruster, Former Client
During his development program, Jaroslav has been extremely helpful and contributing guide on my journey towards my higher performance and my leadership impact. His kind and at the same time honest and straightforward guidance helped me to exercise one of the most difficult personal disciplines I have ever encountered. It’s the transfer of personal vision into practical projects and steps and the formation of new routines.
— Stanislav Tichy, Former Client

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